Senses of Focusing

Seminar / Book launch

Tuesday 3 May 2022, 17:00-18:30 BST

Dr Stephanie Aspin, Sara Bradly, Nikolaos Kypriotakis,
Dr Sarah Luczaj, Dr Anna Magee, Dr Judy Moore,
Dr Jenny Newman, Dr Campbell Purton, Professor Brian Thorne,
Dr Alan Tidmarsh, Dr Jenny White

Senses of Focusing
(ed. Nikolaos Kypriotakis & Judy Moore, 2 vols., Eurasia Publications, 2021)

See the recorded video of the presentations here:

The recently-published volumes of Senses of Focusing feature a wide range of authors from around the world who bring fresh thinking to the meaning of Focusing and how Eugene Gendlin’s work grew from and has developed different elements of philosophy and psychotherapy. Understanding of how ‘focusing’ on the felt edge of inner experiencing leads to therapeutic change grew from Gendlin’s collaboration with Carl Rogers during the decades of research that led to the formulation of Client-Centred Therapy/ the Person-Centred Approach. With the history that UEA’s Centre for Counselling Studies has in terms of developing understanding of the Person-Centred Approach and, more recently, in the study of Focusing, these two volumes were an opportunity to present the innovative work and inspiring research of many of the Centre’s staff and students. To celebrate their work in Senses of Focusing former staff and research students of the Centre have been invited to talk about their contribution to the volumes and to engage in general discussion about the significance of this publication at this time.

This will be a hybrid event based at UEA with only limited space for in-person attendance, but a Zoom link will be made available at….

EDU Book Launch

Senses of Focusing Seminar
led by Dr Judy Moore
Meeting ID: 834 9782 9494

Tuesday 3rd May 2022, 5pm – 6.30pm

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Timings for Presenters

Judy Moore will host the event. As we only have 90 minutes we need to keep things moving very swiftly. We have pre-recorded Zoom presentations from Nikos (talking about the vols in general+ a bit about his own intro and chapter), from Jenny White and Sara Bradly. Steph Aspin will present her chapter from a PowerPoint. Brian Thorne, Campbell Purton, Alan Tidmarsh, Sarah Luczaj will speak briefly about their chapter/ interview without visual aids.

There are two cameras that mean it is possible for presenters to move forward and be in greater focus than the general view of the table.

As we have so many presenters we will have to wait until the end for any questions. We know for sure that there will be people on Zoom who will want to say something and we must leave half an hour for that. It MAY be possible to overrun a little, but I would hope to end the main event at 6.30 because that is the tradition of these seminars.

In effect, we are offering a very general picture of the work that has grown from UEA that appears in the two volumes of Senses of Focusing. It is a ’taster’ of our/ your work and a celebration both of the vols and of counselling/ Focusing over the years at UEA.

Order of Presentations

In order to have a variety of presentations and styles of presentation I propose the following running order:

1. Judy Moore: general intro, incl how these vols have grown from the work of the Centre for Counselling Studies

2. Brian Thorn: more on Centre for Counselling Studies, PCA, Focusing at UEA, own interview.

(Then we move into SoF more specifically.)

3. Nikolaos Kypriotakis: quick ‘hello’ (on Zoom) + pre-recorded presentation

4. Campbell Purton: ‘live’

5. Alan Tidmarsh: ‘live’

6. Sara Bradly: pre-recorded

7. Anna Magee: ‘live’

8. Sarah Luczaj: ‘live’

9. Jenny Newman: quick ‘hello’ (on Zoom), no presentation

10. Jenny White: quick ‘hello’ (on Zoom) + pre-recorded presentation

11. Stephanie Aspin: presentation with PowerPoint

12. Judy Moore: end, thanks, etc.

Questions, discussion, etc.

Chat and Technical Support

Esther Priyadarshini has kindly agreed to manage the chat and (perhaps with the help of Nikos) can prioritise questions/ comments at the end. We will not see the chat in the room.

Mel Aplin EDU School Administrator will have set up the initial Zoom but will not be present at the meeting.

Renato Busatto, a computing PhD student, has kindly agreed to manage the technology in the room.

NB. It is planned to record the meeting and eventually post it on the Senses of Focusing website.